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Mod Guide

How To use Mods

For Database Mods In the WMMA.1 and the Soon To Be Posted WMMA.2 Sections Follow This Guide :

1. Download the selected mod

2. Take The Mod Folder and Drag (or Extract) into This Folder

(/:C/Program Files/GDS/WMMA/Data)

3. Select Database In Game

For Graphic Mods Follow This

Picture Packs

1. Download the selected Picture Pack

2. Drag or Extract the Folder into this Folder :

(/:C/Program Files/GDS/WMMA/Data/Whatever Mod You Are Using/Faces)

or for Body Pictures

(/:C/Program Files/GDS/WMMA/Data/Whatever Mod You Are Using/Bodies)

And You are Done

For Game Skins Follow This :

1. Download the Selected Game Skin

2. Create a folder for the old Game skins in case you would like to go back to them.

3. Drag or Extract the Pictures of the Game Skin into this folder :

(/:C/Program Files/GDS/WMMA/Screens)

And then you are done !